The quality of Elementa teak furniture is unsurpassed in its elegance, durability and stability. Our teak collections include classic, comfortable and modern designs. Regardless of the style or design, teak offers a natural warmth and character all its own.

Elementa teak furniture is crafted of premium-grade old growth timber that is selectively harvested and renewed under the direction of the Royal Forestry Department of Thailand.  More about teak>

Sustainable Teak


Woven is one of the most popular styles of outdoor furniture today. Woven furniture is manufactured many different ways using many types of materials. Elementa hand-woven furniture is produced by a Master Weaver using methods passed down for generations. Our hand-woven furniture has the classic look of rattan presented in updated styles.

Elementa’s synthetic fiber is made from 100% recyclable non-toxic dyed polyethylene material.  More about woven>

Hand Woven Synthetic Rattan

Stylish Stainless Steel

Elementa stainless steel furniture epitomizes the elegance of modern design. Our stainless steel’s beautiful luster, resistance to corrosion and staining, and low maintenance make it an ideal material for many outdoor applications.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and is also known as inox steel. Stainless steel contains high levels of chromium which prevents rust in most environments. Stainless steel is available in over 150 grades.  More about stainless steel>

Stainless Steel

Sling Fabrics

E2O offers custom slings in over 40 colors. Composite fabrics consisting of a sheathed polyester yarn. 100% recyclable for interior and exterior furniture.  More about sling fabrics>

Sling Fabrics

Outdoor Lifestyle

Resort Living at Home

Many of the world’s finest resorts, hotels and restaurants choose Elementa furniture. Only the most durable and stylish furnishings meet the requirements of these distinguished destinations. When you choose Elementa for your outdoor lifestyle you are bringing that resort feeling into your private living space.

Elementa’s vision is focused on enhancing the outdoor lifestyle of our end users. This is apparent in our design, material sourcing and fabrication processes. This results in our ability to provide the perfect backdrop to your outdoor living environment. After all, it’s the time you spend in this environment that is the most important factor.

Bring the Resort Home

Real Quality

Craftsmanship is defined as “the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry.” True craftsmanship starts with how you choose to use resources and materials; the people you hire and the beauty of the design. The craftsmen who make Elementa’s products often use hand-made techniques developed by master craftsmen generations ago.

At Elementa, craftsmanship also means citizenship. We use renewable and recyclable materials in many of our designs. We adhere to fair trade practices and treat our employees, suppliers and customers with respect and gratitude. As you and your loved ones enjoy the beauty and comfort of Elementa furniture, you can be assured that we had that in mind from the start.

Old world craftsmanship

Materials + Technology

Elementa uses only the best materials available today. The renewable natural resources and the recycled man-made materials that go into our manufacturing are second to none in quality. These woods, metals and fabrics in the hands of Elementa craftsmen allow us to make the world’s most beautiful and durable outdoor furniture.

Sometimes the best technologies are unseen. As much as Elementa’s products show hand-made craftsmanship, there are also the latest technological advances behind their construction. Elementa’s materials have been tolerance tested for strength and resistance to the elements. As improvements in fabrication and materials are discovered, they are quickly incorporated into our manufacturing processes. Elementa’s furniture lines are quite simply state-of-the-art.

Technology and Environment


Elementa Designs is always on the move.

Elementa Designs launches new web site

May, 14, 2013

As Elementa expands a new web presence for the consumer side of the business has been designed and launched. Shortly to follow will be a site dedicated to the professional designer or architect…


Inspired. Naturally.

As we continue to ask… what inspires you?… the words of Wordsworth come to mind.

May, 10, 2013

Nature in all its beauty can educate and inspire. For those who follow web trend watcher, The Trend Bible, “Natural Selection” is seen as a top trend for Home this spring. But, Nature and Natural inspirations can hold differing points of view…


Neo-Classics to Kierkegaard

Kirk Wayland, Dunkirk Showrooms, San Francisco Opens Up On Inspirations.

May, 10, 2013

Throughout his lengthy design career, Kirk Wayland, owner of the Dunkirk showroom in San Francisco’s Design Center, has found much to inspire him…


Travel and Tutelage.

An Inspired Conversation with Andra Maldovan of Keaton Interiors, Addison Texas.

May, 8, 2013

Exploring inspiration has brought us to an award-winning designer that may be located in the Lone Star State; but draws from mentors and memories inclusive of people and places near and far…



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