About Elementa Designs

Inspired designs for your lifestyle

Craftsmanship is defined as “the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry.” True craftsmanship starts with how you choose to use resources and materials; the people you hire and the beauty of the design. The craftsmen who make Elementa Design’s products often use hand-made techniques developed by master craftsmen generations ago.

At Elementa Designs, craftsmanship also means citizenship. We use renewable and recyclable materials in many of our designs. We adhere to fair trade practices and treat our employees, suppliers and customers with respect and gratitude. As you and your loved ones enjoy the beauty and comfort of Elementa Designs furniture, you can be assured that we had that in mind from the start.

The quality demanded by pros

Many of the world’s finest resorts, hotels and restaurants choose Elementa Designs furniture. Only the most durable and stylish furnishings meet the requirements of these distinguished destinations. When you choose Elementa Designs for your outdoor lifestyle you are bringing that resort feeling into your private living space.

Elementa Design’s vision is focused on enhancing the outdoor lifestyle of our end users. This is apparent in our design, material sourcing and fabrication processes. This results in our ability to provide the perfect backdrop to your outdoor living environment. After all, it’s the time you spend in this environment that is the most important factor.

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